Puslitbang Pendidikan Agama dan Keagamaan, ”Jurnal Edukasi,”  tahun 2007 

Oleh : M. Murtadho*) 

Assuming that there are 5.5 million of kids become uneducated people because they did not get even a standart basic education (wajar dikdas). Seeking for a solution for this kind of problem, the goverment then, obligate all of the citizen among age 7 – 15 to participate in the basic education for at least 9 year. That goverment  policy socialized through INPRES No. 1/1995. In practicing this INPRES, Islamic Salafiyah Boarding School (pesantren salafiyah) have had a huge contribution to decrease growth of uneducated people + 7.6 %, it means 417.845 kids became  educated people. Unfortunately Pesantren Salafiyah only have 30 % books such for example which are not reliable enough for generally overcome the problems in education sphere. They totally depend on their teacher’s charity and their compassion that make all of education programs at Pesantren Salafiyah play on.
 Key words : Human Development Index (HDI), wajar dikdas, bahan ajar (books), pesantren salafiyah, precentation  

*) M. Murtadho, Lahir di Yogyakarta, aktivitas sebagai peneliti di Litbang Depag RI di Jakarta, selain itu aktif di organisasi lintas agama yaitu Forum Kerukunan Umat Beragama (FKUB) DKI Jakarta. Saat ini sedang menempuh Program doctor (S3) Antropologi Universitas Indonesia (UI) Depok, Indonesia.


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